Landscaping Service of Residential Land "Naka no Mori" Development Plan

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Project Content

This is a project to create a forest where 175 families can gather, utilizing the natural topography of a vast site with a development area of over 93,000 square meters. Tsuchiura City is located in Kasumigaura and is developing residential areas in harmony with nature as a "city of water, greenery and history". "The Sakura Naka-no-Mori Nature Town project takes advantage of the gently sloping hills to the south to create a park where people can feel "greenery, water, and wind" by arranging greenways, biotopes, windmills, wells, benches, gas lamps, town signs, and local trees. We propose a park-like residential area where you can feel "greenery, water and wind".

Our Duties

We produced the entire project, from the town design concept to the revised residential land base plan, basic landscape design, and town furniture design. We provided consulting services to create added value, taking into consideration the profitability of the project, while taking into account the perspective of landscape and urban development that takes advantage of nature.

Construction of Reclamation

Cut and fill, grading, storm sewer culvert, sanitary sewer culvert, retaining wall, street construction, installation pipe, water supply facility, fire fighting, park construction, paving, regulating pond, miscellaneous construction, city road construction

Construction of Landscape

Footpath construction, landscaping around wells, landscaping around various roads, landscaping around gates, landscaping around plot lots, landscaping of unused land

  • LOCATION         Japan, Ibaraki
  • STRUCTURE        -
  • SITE AREA         Development area: 104,402㎡
  • COMPLETION        2006
  • DUTIES           Basic design
  • INFO           Client: Kyoei builder co., ltd.