Company's Outline


Matsuda Consultants International Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Sei-ichi Matsuda in 1980 to aim at providing services for projects by Japanese ODA (Official Development Aid). Afterward MCI has expanded its field of work and staff and now works on several overseas and domestic projects with quality technical services.


Matsuda Consultants International Co.,Ltd.

 Official Registration

Registered architect office (No. 21194 by Governor of Tokyo)


30 million Yen

Board Member

Executive Director: Mitsuhiro Shimada
Executive Director: Tomohiro Osawa
Senior Director of Design Dept.: Kenji Kawazoe
Director of Supervision Dept.: Shunichi Tokunaga
Director of General Affairs Dept.: Sanae Takeda

Number of Staff

23 staff including the above board members, 13 certificate 1st class architects, 4 certificate 2nd class architects, 1 quantity surveyor, 1 certificate 1st class building operation and management engineer, 1 qualified mechanical engineer