Work-Life Balance Action Plan

In order to ensure that all employees can fulfil their potential, achieve a good work-life balance and create a good working employment environment, the following action plan will be developed and implemented.

We will make the action plan known on our website and company intranet.

Phase 1 Action Plan (1 May 2020 - 30 April 2025)

 Outline of the action planSpecific measures
Target 1   To reduce the overtime working hours by an average of 30 hours per person per month.Make known the monthly average of 30 hours of overtime hours, and create an environment that facilitates early return home.  
Target 2To promote the use of annual paid leave.Introduce a half-day system to promote the use of annual paid leave.
Target 3Systematically grant annual paid leave.To promote the use of annual paid leave, we will implement a company-wide promotion of consecutive holidays, such as summer holidays and New Year holidays.

Phase 2 Action Plan (1 May 2022 - 30 April 2027)

 Outline of the action planSpecific measures
Target 1  Establish and promote telecommuting.Introduce telecommuting and other location-independent working methods and make them known to employees.
Target 2Improve the work-life balance of all employees and enhance their own skills.   Make known and promote systems that encourage employees to develop their skills and acquire qualifications.

Phase 3 Action Plan (1 May 2023 - 30 April 2028)

 Outline of the action planSpecific measures
Target 1  Promote the use of annual paid leave        Make employees aware of the target for the paid leave utilization rate (70% or more).
Target 2Introduce a system of shorter working hours for employees with children.          Consider and introduce a system that allows employees to take leave by the hour and return in the middle of working hours.