Maizuru Municipal Memorial Hall

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Design concept

The city of Maizuru was once home to a naval town hall. "As part of a campaign to revitalize the city, a movement was launched to preserve the many brick buildings scattered throughout the city as assets of the city, and this project was implemented as a concrete form of that movement. The building in question is a brick structure that was built in 1902 as a naval ammunition warehouse and later used as a storage facility for city hall documents, etc. It was planned to be reused as the City Hall Memorial Hall through renovation.

1. Keep the shape of the brick facility intact.
Brick wall construction should be structurally reinforced by in-wall reinforcement and steel reinforcement, and care should be taken to preserve the original form as much as possible.

2. New meaning for the inner space.
Using modern structural technology, we have secured an atrium space to add a new function to the interior space and give it a new meaning.

  • LOCATION         Japan, Kyoto
  • STRUCTURE        British brick masonry, partly two-story beam roof truss wooden, Two-story
  • SITE AREA         Part of the city hall site
  • BUILDING AREA       779.01㎡
  • TOTAL FLOOR AREA    1204.12㎡
  • COMPLETION        1994
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision
  • INFO           Client: Maizuru city