Naema West Park (No. 2 Park)

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Project description

Forest area
The "forest" consists of about 28 medium to tall trees transplanted through temporary maintenance, and the ground surface consists of a "grass flutter" and a "walking path" surrounding it. The forest is a mini-bird sanctuary for wild birds, and nesting boxes have been installed, as well as signs indicating the species of trees, so that children can play and become familiar with nature.
The walking path is a combination of plaza-like space and pathway-like space, with benches appropriately placed to make it more friendly to people.
The walkway is a combination of plaza-like spaces and passageways, with benches placed appropriately to make it friendly to people.

A small hill area
The hill area consists of a flat fence and a small hill, which is covered with grass and combined with a playground zone. On the boundary side of the neighboring land, a dense shrub zone with a width of about 4 to 5 meters is placed for consistency. In this zone, low, medium, and tall trees that bear fruit for birds to feed on are moderately distributed.
The playground is designed to encourage children to play with their free senses and ideas, and to develop their motor skills by placing pseudo-stones, logs, sandboxes, and sleeper retaining walls around the already placed swings and slides.

  • LOCATION         Japan, Saitama
  • STRUCTURE        -
  • SITE AREA         1480㎡
  • COMPLETION        1995
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision
  • INFO           Client: Saitama urban development corporation