Green Road Maintenance (Road Length 800m of Nampo)

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Project Content

"Nampo Road" is planned in accordance with the Saitama Prefecture Oi Town New Basic Concept Basic Plan (1990) to promote greenery, light, safety, and comfort in the Oi Town Oi-Naima No. 1 Land Readjustment Project.
In order to encourage people to enjoy walking (or running) along the 800-meter long, narrow path along the Sunagawa Moat while taking in the surrounding scenery and the seasons, a number of signs have been placed to indicate the distance and allow people to feel the distance, and natural materials such as wooden decks and gravel pavement have been used to take advantage of the difference in level with the adjacent land. By using natural materials such as wooden decks and cobblestone pavement, the greenway has a variety of expressions. This greenway has been used as a course for the Oi Town New Year Road Race since 1997.

Site       Width Approx 4.5m
Area No. 2  Construction Extension   70.73m
Area No. 3  Construction Extension   54.68m
Area No. 4  Construction Length 246.11m
Area No. 5  Construction Length  57.18m
Area No. 6  Construction Extension   53.13m
Area No. 7  Construction Extension   63.89m
Area No. 8  Construction Extension    ; 57.48m

Facilities and elements

       Long Bench / Stainless Steel 160ΦL=100m
       Wooden Wall/Natural Wood Woodwork Method
       Distance Display Sign / Stainless Steel HL Character Etching
       Hexagonal Stone Partly Honed

  • LOCATION         Japan, Saitama
  • SITE AREA         Road width: 4.5m
  • COMPLETION        1995
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision
  • INFO           Client: Land readjustment union