The Project for the Construction of the Chavin National Museum

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This is a plan to construct a museum facility near the site of Chavín de Huántar, which is designated as a World Heritage Site as a representative site of ancient Andean civilization, with Japanese grant aid. The museum will have a permanent exhibition room of about 1,200 square meters to introduce the whole picture of Chavín culture, as well as a training room, a museum store, and a cafeteria. On the adjacent site, the Peruvian government is planning to build the "Center for the Study and Conservation of Archaeological Sites," which will serve as a base for research and conservation of the Chavín culture in conjunction with the museum.

Project description

The design of the facility is intended to blend in with the surrounding historical landscape by combining a simple, modern form with a masonry base that seems to take root in the land. The spatial features of the site, such as the circular plaza, the maze of galleries, and the skylight, are incorporated as motifs inside and outside the museum to create a spatial composition that allows visitors to experience the image of an ancient ritual space.

  • LOCATION         Peru
  • STRUCTURE        Reinforced concrete, 1story above ground
  • SITE AREA         6285㎡
  • BUILDING AREA       1846㎡
  • TOTAL FLOOR AREA    1846㎡
  • COMPLETION        2007
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision