The Project for Equipment and Extension of the Paramedical Training School at Antananarivo

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The country of Madagascar had positioned the improvement of the quality of health care services and the strengthening of the health care system as a priority issue, and had developed initiatives to improve and strengthen the referral system and promote the development of human resources for medical assistants. It promoted the establishment of more health centers in primary medical facilities, and as a result, achieved some success in infrastructure development. On the other hand, the number of training institutions for medical assistants and the scale of their facilities were not sufficient, especially in rural areas, and there was an overwhelming shortage. In addition to training nurses and midwives, the cooperating school is the only school that also trains clinical laboratory technicians, radiological technicians, and physical therapists, and is positioned as the core of the training system. In order to respond to the recent increase in the need for medical assistants, it was necessary to train almost six times as many students as originally planned. Under these circumstances, the government of Madagascar requested grant assistance to improve and strengthen the functions of the core training institution.

Project description

This project aims to relocate the Antananarivo Medical Assistants Training School to the University of Antananarivo Hospital to improve the teaching and learning environment, and to build facilities and procure equipment for the planned seven training programs (nurses, midwives, psychotherapists, radiologists, physical therapists, prosthetists, and clinical laboratory technicians). This is to construct facilities and procure equipment for seven training programs (nurses, midwives, psychotherapists, radiotherapists, physiotherapists, prosthetists, and clinical technologists). This will enable on-campus practical training, which was previously impossible due to inadequate facilities, and is expected to improve the quality and quantity of medical assistants by implementing an educational cycle of lectures, on-campus practical training, on-site training, and lectures again.

  • LOCATION         Madagascar
  • STRUCTURE        Reinforced concrete, 2 stories above ground
  • COMPLETION        2007
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision