The Project for Improvement of Facility and Laboratory Equipment in the Institute of Technology of Cambodia


Cambodia has been experiencing rapid economic growth, and foreign investment has been increasing rapidly since 2005. However, foreign companies have pointed out that there is a shortage of engineering human resources, especially in higher education institutions, where practical skills are low due to the lack of practical training. The Japanese government had set up an "Industrial Human Resources Program" for Cambodia to support the development of human resources in the field of technology industry.
Therefore, in order to develop human resources with practical skills,  Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia planned to procure equipment and build facilities for experiments and practical training at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.

Project description

The purpose of this project is to install and operate experimental and practical equipment. For the facilities component, a three-story laboratory building was planned, with new laboratories to be built as required for each department where there is no space for equipment in the existing laboratories.

  • LOCATION         Cambodia
  • STRUCTURE        Reinforced concrete, 3stories above ground
  • TOTAL FLOOR AREA    1317.00㎡
  • COMPLETION        2015
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision