The Project for Improvement of Educational Facilities at Motufoua Secondary School


Motufoua Secondary School is the only public secondary school in Tuvalu that provides four years of secondary education for children who have completed their primary education and passed the national examination. In 1996, Japanese Grant Aid (Phase I) was used to expand and improve the school's facilities, but the number of usable facilities reduced due to fires and deterioration. Thus, they are forced to use unsafe buildings and temporary classrooms, and its curses to malfunction as an educational facility.
In response to this situation, this project aimed to renovate and expand the necessary facilities and equipment at Motufoua Junior High School to create a safe and appropriate learning environment as a secondary education facility.

Project Description

In addition to renovating or upgrading the existing facilities at Motufoua Middle School, which are in poor condition due to age, salt and wind damage, the project also includes the construction of a new dormitory for boys and girls, a general classroom building, and an administration building to ensure that all students can continue their studies for four years, including the technical and vocational courses established in 2009.
In response to the social and environmental conditions and harsh climatic conditions of a remote island, a dry construction method using industrialized materials was adopted for the upper-structure to minimize on-site work and shorten the construction period. Besides, it ensures durability and other qualities while utilizing limited local resources. The building is a one-story structure so that it does not require special machinery or skills, and it is designed with measures to prevent salt damage, as well as deep eaves to provide a learning space that avoids direct sunlight.

  • LOCATION         Tuvalu
  • STRUCTURE        Steel, 1 story above ground
  • TOTAL FLOOR AREA    Extension 1788㎡, Renovation 3535㎡, Total 5323㎡
  • CONTRACTOR        Kitano Construction Corp.
  • COMPLETION        2014
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision