The Project for Improvement of the Primary Schools in Cameroon (Phase Ⅳ)

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In its Education Sector Strategy, the government of Cameroon has set the correction of regional disparities in primary education and the improvement of quality as major goals, and has actively promoted the construction of classrooms and teacher training with the support of donors. Japan has continued to support the construction of elementary school in seven of the ten provinces in the country, and the total number of classrooms built so far has reached 1,199. The three provinces of Adamawa, Eastern and Northwestern, which have not received grant aid, are among the provinces with the highest overcrowded classrooms in the country, and many schools in urban areas have more than 100 students per classroom. In response to this situation, grant aid for the construction of elementary schools in the three states was requested.

Project description

Because of budget constraints, this project targeted the two provinces of Adamawa and Eastern Province, excluding the English-speaking Northwestern Province, and constructed a total of 198 classrooms and equipment at 10 sites. The school building will consist of a two-story, exterior corridor-type classroom building consisting of classrooms and the principal's office with a front room, and a latrine building.
As a soft component of this project to realize participatory school operation and management by the community, activities such as the preparation of a school operation and facility maintenance manual and guidebook were carried out.

  • LOCATION         Cameroon
  • STRUCTURE        Reinforced concrete, 1-2stories above ground
  • BUILDING AREA       7232.01㎡
  • TOTAL FLOOR AREA    10 site, 132 classroom, total 14020.02㎡
  • CONTRACTOR        Dai Nippon Construction
  • COMPLETION        2010
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision