The Project for the Reconstruction and Expansion of Selected Community Day Secondary Schools in Malawi (Phase Ⅱ)


In Malawi, in response to the rapid increase in secondary school enrolment due to the free primary education policy, Community-Established Adult Education Institutions have been upgraded to Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSS) to address the shortage of secondary education facilities. However, since the demand for secondary education has been increasing year by year, the CDSS has not been able to keep pace with the expansion for facilities. Thus, lack of facilities and inadequacy of the CDSS was a major obstacle to the spread of secondary education.
In response to this situation, Japan implemented the "Secondary School Improvement Programme" with the community-based development grant aid, and it supported the expansion and improvement of facilities in the four educational districts of the Midwest, Southeast, Southwest and Sire Highlands. This project was requested to follow on from this Programme by expanding and upgrading facilities in 12 CDSS in the Midwest, Middle East and Northern districts.

Project description

In this project, 6 out of 7 sites were selected as a target site (1 in urban and 5 in rural) among these excluded the 5 sites based on site conditions, accessibility and infrastructure problems.
The following Priorities were made to develop an outline design, The first priority was standard facility as a secondary school such as general classrooms, science laboratories, library, administrative offices, toilets and, dormitories for female students in rural areas, multi-purpose hall and kitchen. The second priority was teacher housing in rural areas and multipurpose halls in urban areas.
Likewise Phase 1, all facilities were separated and designed as a single-story building for construction by local contractors. The facilities were arranged in consideration of the slanted site and connection with existing facilities. Each facility is basically constructed with SSB (soil cement block) masonry, and designed according to its module.

  • LOCATION         Malawi
  • STRUCTURE        SSB (soil cement block) masonry, 1 story above ground
  • SITE AREA         32.60ha
  • TOTAL FLOOR AREA    15544㎡
  • CONTRACTOR        Terrastone Co. Ltd.
  • COMPLETION        2014
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision