The Project for the Mother and Child Complex in Mahajanga Province

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The Republic of Madagascar has identified the elimination of major infectious diseases, the improvement of maternal and child health services, the strengthening of reference systems, and the improvement of nutritional status as important issues, and has been improving health and medical services with the help of international organizations, bilateral donors, and NGOs. In Mahajanga Province, many residents live in remote areas of the province, and access to health services is very poor. The increase in maternal and infant mortality, maternal and child malnutrition, and the incidence of infectious diseases such as AIDS are serious problems. The "Comprehensive Improvement Plan for Mahajanga University Hospital Center," a Franco-Japanese technical cooperation project, has contributed to the improvement of the reference system in the province and the local health and public health services, based on the approach of linking Mahajanga University Hospital, a higher-order medical institution, with the community. However, since the current facility environment and management system is not in a position to play a central role in strengthening and improving the system, we requested grant assistance for the construction of a maternal and child health center in Mahajanga Province.

Project description

With a top goal of reducing maternal and infant mortality in Mahajanga Province, and with a particular project goal of improving maternal and child health in the province, we constructed a maternal and child health center on the campus of Mahajanga University Hospital and procured the medical equipment necessary for medical services. In order to coordinate with the training activities at the planned facility, basic equipment was also procured for the health centers located around the facility, and an effective plan was put together.

Facilities: emergency, delivery, surgery, intensive care, wards, administration and service departments, training, research, administration and service departments
Equipment: electrical equipment, water supply, drainage and sanitation equipment, ventilation equipment, disaster prevention equipment, etc.
Equipment: ambulatory care, emergency equipment, obstetrics-related equipment, neonatology-related equipment, operating room-related equipment, ward equipment, training equipment, health center equipment

  • LOCATION         Madagascar
  • STRUCTURE        Reinforced concrete, 2 stories above ground
  • COMPLETION        2005
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision