[Contract for Preparatory Survey] The Project for Improvement Health Facilities in the Northern Region, Ghana

The Northern region which is the target area of this project is a lack of basic health services among the north of the country where is the high poverty rate. Tamale central hospital which is administratively positioned as a regional hospital is about 90 years old, and some of the wards are deteriorating and cramped. Besides, the lack of medical equipment at the hospital has led to issues such as the personnel changes of specialists to other hospitals therefore the hospital has not been working as a regional hospital. Besides, due to inadequate equipment at the hospital and lower level of health facilities, appropriate treatment is not provided, and patients are concentrated at the Tamale Teaching Hospital. Because of overcapacity, Tamale Teaching Hospital is not able to provide adequate services. In result, the Northern region became the highest institutional maternal mortality rate in the whole country(220 per 100,000 live births).
This project aims to improve the quality of health care services and the referral system by upgrading the facilities and medical equipment at the Tamale Central Hospital in Northern region and lower level of health facilities (district hospitals, polyclinics, health centres and clinics) and also aims to contribute to the improvement of health indicators such as maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the region.