The Project to Improve the Infrastructure and Equipment of Training Schools for Health Personnel

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The country of Mozambique has developed a Action Plan for the Reduction of Absolute Poverty(PARPA) and has identified the health sector as one of the major issues to be addressed. In this area, the country has placed the expansion of access to medical services and the improvement of the quality of health services as its top priorities in line with the Health Sector Strategic Plan (PESS), and has been working on the expansion of the number of health institutions, the development and reorganization of the service network, and the training of medical personnel necessary for this purpose. However, the country lacks sufficient facilities and equipment to implement the plan, and there has been a need for urgent expansion and improvement of training institutions.
With this background, this project was planned to expand and improve the facilities and equipment of 13 health human resource development institutions across the country, and was requested to be implemented through Japan's grant aid.

Project description

This project involved the development of facilities at five existing health human resource development institutions (Nampula, Beira, Pemba, Nyamatanda, and Masinga) and equipment at 12 institutions (the five mentioned above and Maputo, Lishinga, Tete, Simoio, Mokuba, Inyambane, and Sikumbane). The facilities include classrooms, multi-purpose exercise rooms, and student dormitories. In addition, the roof shape, eaves height, and harmony with the design specifications of the existing buildings, which differ from site to site, were carefully considered in the detailed design of each site.

  • LOCATION         Mozambique
  • COMPLETION        2007
  • DUTIES           Basic design, Detail design, Supervision